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Latest update: 09.03.2016
Masterflex SE
TEL: +49 209 97077 0
FAX: +49 209 97077 33
Willy-Brandt-Allee 300
D-45891   Gelsenkirchen
Company brochure
Company brochure
Masterflex SE is a specialist for customized product and system solutions of special high-tech-polymers and materials. For industrial applications we produce:
suction, blower and transport hoses from DN 16 up to DN 900
- highly abrasion resistant polyurethane hoses; special types: electrically conductive (ATEX compliant), hydrolysis proof, microbe resistant
- certified food hoses with following legal foodstuffs directives:
o 2002/72/EG
o LMBG / BfR
- suction hoses for the woodworking industry, hardly inflammable acc. to DIN 4102 B1
- hoses for industrial cleaners
- hoses for industrial sweeping maschines (microbe resistant)
- air-conditioning and ventilation hoses
- medium- and high-temperature hoses
- exhaust gas hoses
- thermo and insulating hoses
- special construction hoses
- electrically conductive hoses up to « 106 Ohm
- fitting and connecting elements (hose clamps, reducers, connectors)
- Combiflex hose connecting system (hose cuffs, DIN-flanges)
- Certified hose connecting systems for the food industry, now completely made of admitted materials, market innovation!
- quick-action cone flange joint system
- abrasion protecting systems for tubes and tube bends
- templine heated hoses
Products, services
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Products, services
Hoses - Hose, Connecting systems, hose clamps, cuffs, flanges, connector
Conveyors, transport equipment - Pneumatic transport - Components, accessories - hoses
Conveyors, transport equipment - Pneumatic transport - Piping for pneumatic transport - small-radius-bends-for-pneumatic-transport

Product news

Master-PUR L-F Trivolution - Novelty A new premium product for use in simple extraction applications
Master-PUR L-F Trivolution - Novelty
A new premium product for use in simple extraction applications You need quality but have a limited budget? Don’t worry; our new Master-PUR L-F Trivolution is exactly what you are looking for! This very competitively priced, super lightweight film hose made of polyurethane has been specifically designed for use in straightforward extraction applications. An optimal combination of materials with improved production techniques have resulted in the generation of this new product - the Master-PUR L-F Trivolution. The blend of materials used ensures that it remains permanently antistatic in terms of standard DIN EN ISO 8031:2010-04 and exhibits the microbe-resistant and flame-retardant characteristics specified in DIN 4102 B1. Because of its antistatic properties, it can also be used in applications covered by German health and safety regulation TRBS 2153. The hose additionally complies with all criteria specified in standard DIN 26057 that will shortly come into force. With its three characteristic properties, it represents
09.02.2016  |  7312x  | 
Two Becomes One  New Polderflex PUR Food A Hose
Two Becomes One
New Polderflex PUR Food A Hose With its new Polderflex PUR Food A hose, the Masterflex Group from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, presents yet another highlight at this year’s Anuga FoodTec in Cologne. The renowned trade show focuses on high-quality products for the food & beverage industry. As a fully certified PU suction and transport hose, this range boasts a smooth inner and outer lining for transporting both solids and liquids. Made of pure Polyether Polyurethane, this range is anti-static, high quality food-grade and accords to the international FDA standards for the food, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The new Polderflex PUR Food A hose combines the positive mechanical features of the existing Polderflex PUR range with the outstanding food-grade material features of the renowned Master PUR Food A range. The result is a hose, which creates even greater added value for Masterflex customers - and extends the impressive product range for food-grade hoses even further. The Polderflex PUR
29.03.2012  |  8626x  | 
Masterflex Develops Flame Resistant Hose Series "Master-PUR MHR se&quo
Masterflex Develops Flame Resistant Hose Series "Master-PUR MHR se&quo
Masterflex AG starts 2012 with the development of an innovative new hose series for the field of PU suction and blower hoses, which, due to its accreditation of the DIN 5510-2 standard, is especially suitable for applications in railed vehicles. The new Master-PUR L/H MHR se hoses made from special polyurethane can be applied for ventilation in railed vehicles, as drainage hoses for rainwater and condensation from air-conditioning systems, as well as suction and blower hoses for conveying abrasive solids in railed vehicles. Its special characteristics, such as its flammability resistance acc. to DIN 5510-2 and its microbe and hydrolysis resistance, sets this hose range apart from its competitors and makes it highly versatile for a wide range of applications. All Master-PUR MHR se hose types have been tested acc. to the DIN 54837:2007 standard with the classification DIN 5510-2:2009 and achieved the flammability class S-4, the smoke development class SR-2, as
14.02.2012  |  8534x  | 
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