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Latest update: 09.08.2016
Schenck Process Europe GmbH
TEL: +49 6151 1531 0
FAX: +49 6151 1531 66
Pallaswiesenstraße 100
D-64293   Darmstadt
Schenck Process is the global technology and market leader in applied measuring technology. We make processes work in all areas of industry throughout the world. For us that means improving our customer processes in terms of reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Combining outstanding equipment and extensive process knowledge, we develop and manufacture innovative solutions for weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation, and air filtration applications. We focus on the needs of our customers and support them through the whole lifecycle of a product.
Our diverse service portfolio includes engineering and commissioning, maintenance, training, and consulting.
Products, services
Weighbridges, Dosing feeders, Gravimetric feeders, Micro feeders, Weighers, Linear motion screens,
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Products, services
Weighbridges -
Dosing feeders -
Gravimetric feeders -
Micro feeders -
Weighers -
Linear motion screens -
Conveyors, transport equipment - Belt conveyors - flat-belt-conveyors
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - weighing-scales
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - load-cells
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - platform-scales

Product news

E-finity® low pressure continuous dense phase designed for stability and reliability
low pressure continuous dense phase designed for stability and reliability Schenck Process E-finity® is a patented continuous dense phase conveying system for fragile materials. Precise pressure monitoring and airflow corrections allow the system to operate efficiently under all conditions, while gently inducing materials through the convey line in slug form. E-finity® is ideally suited for granular and pelleted materials, and has proven itself on many projects for pet foods, cereals, nuts, grains, prills, and pelleted material. Unique E-finity® air controls can employ a single air source to operate 2-3 different systems simultaneously. The result is a significant cost savings in both equipment and installation, with continued savings in operation and maintenance moving forward. Our abilities to design, size, sell, fabricate, and integrate other OEM processes as well as installing and providing ongoing support delivers full control. As the primary equipment manufacturer, we manage production schedules for faster lead times on highly-engineered,
25.06.2018  |  4860x  | 
MechaTron® Min: the mini loss-in-weight feeder
MechaTron® Min: the mini loss-in-weight feeder
Big isn`t always better. From Schenck Process there is now an ideal solution for feeding very small volumes of powder, and it`s called MechaTron® Min. This gravimetric feeder has a delivery rate between 100 g/h and 10 kg/h. Typical applications include laboratory and test facilities for feeding extruders, mixers, mills and granulators. The MechaTron® Min features a double shaft and vertical agitator. It is designed to allow quick dismantling for cleaning and replacement of the discharge devices. Two different feed hoppers are available to suit different products and delivery rates. The 4 l hopper with negative taper has an agitator that works near the base and is suitable for manual filling and small outputs. The 8 l hopper is conical and also has an agitator that works near the walls and a cover with refill and ventilation necks for larger outputs and automatic refilling. Both versions come with integrated measurement, control and regulation electronics of
11.08.2011  |  9864x  | 
DISOCONT® Tersus. Updated for the requirements of tomorrow
DISOCONT® Tersus. Updated for the requirements of tomorrow
DISOCONT® from Schenck Process has always been synonymous with reliable measurement, control and regulation for continuous feeding. Now, the improved electronic system DISOCONT® Tersus takes the previous standards to a new level with intuitive touchscreen operation, intelligent interfaces and optimised modularity. Say goodbye to limits The aim of the DISOCONT® Tersus developers was to create a system for all. The result is a modular structure with several optional add-ons. Users can simply combine the units they require to produce an optimised and cost-effective solution for their particular application. The software has been enhanced to automate additional functions. The modular system adapts to applications of any complexity, and for ease of use the controls for standard applications have been reduced to the bare essentials. This is a system that delivers on its promises. Users can deploy the system in such a way as to fulfil their exact requirements. The
11.08.2011  |  10417x  | 
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