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Latest update: 19.05.2020
Tridelta Siperm GmbH
TEL: +49 231 4501 221 
FAX: +49 231 4501 313 
D-44287    Dortmund
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Company brochure
Plates, tubes, shaped parts and welding constructions made of our high porous materials such as Siperm R (AISI 316L), Siperm B (CuSn10) and Siperm Hp (HDPE/UHMWPE) either as standard or according to customer’s request; Siperm ® materials are available with pore sizes from 1µm to 200µm.
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 Siperm R - porous stainless steel (AISI 316L)
 Siperm B - porous bronze (CuSn10)
 Siperm HP - porous polyethylene
 Siperm HP antistatisch - porous polyethylene antistatic
Products, services
 Aeration inserts - Fluidization, Homogenization, Discharge of bulk material
 Aeration components - Ready-to-install aeration components, Aeration spots, Aeration pads
 Filters - Filter plates, Filter tubes, Flame arrestors
 Silencers - Silencers
Storage - Silo discharge - discharge-bottoms-for-silos
Storage - Silo discharge - aerated-bottom-for-silo-discharge
Storage - Components, accessories - Flow promotion devices - fluidization-air-injection-aeration
Conveyors, transport equipment - air-slides

Product news

Fluidization insert - Siperm HP antistatic
Fluidization insert - Siperm HP antistatic
On the basis of pure polyethylene Tridelta Siperm has developed a new material with high conductivity; Siperm HP antistatic. This new, black material has the positive properties of the white material Siperm HP, the distribution of the pores is homogenous, the surface extremely smooth, it is extremely well weldable and it is officially approved to be food-safe. The surface resistivity of the new antistatic Siperm HP material is below 106 ohm and therefore it can be designated as electrically conducting. Especially for construction companies for bulk handling plants this newly developed, antistatic material may be of interest.
11.03.2011  |  9453x  | 
Two-layered porous plates with combined properties
Two-layered porous plates with combined properties
Tridelta Siperm has developed a two-layered porous material. Compared to our standard qualities, which show a homogeneous pore structure in the cross-section, the new material consists of two layers with different pore sizes. The sinter bridges which are formed between the two layers in the sintering process prevent that the layers loosen from each other when the material is cleaned with compressed air. In use the smoother side is facing the product in order to either achieve a maximum filter efficiency or – in the sphere of fluidization – to avoid the infiltration of the bulk into the fluidization unit. The product-averted side consists of a rougher, more permeable layer in order to hold the pressure drop as low as can.
11.03.2011  |  9202x  | 
Covering for compacting rollers - Siperm R
Covering for compacting rollers - Siperm R
Fine-grained bulk materials such as colouring pigments, manganese dioxide, soot, cement, coal dust, various ceramic powders, powders for the food industry, pesticides and many other materials are very difficult to handle. They have a very large bulk volume, i.e. a very low bulk density, and produce large amounts of dust when transferred. In these cases compaction of powders is aimed at. Such fine-grained bulk materials can be compacted down to 20% of their bulk volume using vacuum compaction rollers made from SIPERM-materials. The highly porous SIPERM-material used for covering the compaction rollers is available in sheet form and can be welded to create larger units and adapted by rolling to the radius of the rollerbody. This can either be done by the customer himself or by Tridelta Siperm GmbH.
11.03.2011  |  8742x  | 
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