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Latest update: 16.01.2018
KOBOLD Messring GmbH
TEL: +49 (0) 6192 299 0
FAX: +49 (0) 6192 233 98
Nordring 22-24
D-65719   Hofheim am Taunus
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Reliable Bulk Monitoring with Rotating Vane Switch
Reliable Bulk Monitoring with Rotating Vane Switch
The proven rotating vane level switches model NIR-9 from KOBOLD are also available with an ATEX- compliant version with immediate effect. This means that the devices can also be used in dust hazardous areas (zone 21/22) for level monitoring of bulk goods e.g. in chemical, forage and food industry or plastics processing. A synchronous motor drives a shaft at which a rotating vane is fastened at the lower end. When this rotating vane is decelerated or stopped by bulk solid, the engine moves over the pivoted gear from one end position to the other and thereby switches two micro switches, one shutting down the engine and the other providing an alert signal for display of limit level. When the level decreases, rotating vanes are released again and the motor is pulled into its primary position by the force of a spring. Thereby the motor is switched on again and working contact is switched back. The mechanical connection is via flange or screw connection without any problem.
30.08.2013  |  9789x  | 
Precise Radar Control
Precise Radar Control
TDR, also known as guided Microwave or guided Radar) and offers an excellent alternative to conventional level measurements. The NGM enables precise and reliable continuous level measurement and point level detection in almost all liquids and bulk materials. This innovative device has almost no installation restrictions - it can be mounted in small tanks, tall and narrow nozzles and it measures precisely even with difficult tank geometries or close to interfering structures. NGM uses TDR Technology: low-energy, high frequency electromagnetic impulses, generated by the sensor´s circuitry, are propagated along the probe which is immersed in the liquid to be measured. When these impulses hit the surface of the liquid, part of the impulse energy is reflected back up the probe to the circuitry which then calculates the fluid level from the time difference between the impulses sent and the impulses reflected. The sensor can output the analysed level as a continuous measurement
27.06.2013  |  9189x  | 
Level monitor with resonance
Level monitor with resonance
The type NVI level monitors especially designed for use in powdery to fine-grained and granular bulk solids work on the vibrating fork principle and are practically free of maintenance and abrasion. The devices are particularly durable due to the lack of moving parts. The formation of deposits is mostly impossible because of its single rod shape. The rod is self-cleaning in principle as the vibrations shake off the medium from the rod. A mechanical system is brought into resonance by an electronic circuit. When a medium covers the probe, this vibration is muffled. This change in the resonant frequency is converted into a switching signal by an electronic system. The evaluation electronics are well protected within the robust aluminium connection housing with protection class IP 67. It registers the change in vibration and displays this on an LED display. An additional relay output is used to transmit signals. Depending on the material density, settings for the operation
03.06.2013  |  8755x  | 
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