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Latest update: 18.11.2017
Van Beek
TEL: +31 416375225
FAX: +31 416378350
Postfach 168
NL-5150 AD   Drunen

Christiaan Huygensweg 20
5151 DN   Drunen
The organization's core activities consist of designing and manufacturing screw conveyors and bulk truck loading equipment.(view They are all designed to process bulk material, like powders, grains, flakes, granulate, paste etc. etc. Van Beek is characterized by offering total solutions, superb quality and service. About thirty five enthusiastic, driven and highly involved employees are helping to raise the company to a higher level.


Van Beek in Drunen is the specialist in the area of superb stainless steel screw conveyor systems and they supply them globally, in particular to the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries.


Van Beek's history goes back to 1939. Since then Van Beek has developed to a leading company of the Benelux market. More than 50% of the sales head directly or indirectly abroad, which means that the products must be of an absolute superior quality in order to prevent any disruptions at its customers
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Van Beek develops bag compactor Ideal for cheap and efficient disposal of empty bags
Van Beek develops bag compactor
Ideal for cheap and efficient disposal of empty bags Production companies often use raw materials in bags in their processes. If a company does not incorporate the handling of the emptied bags into the process, the empty bags threaten the progress, safety and appearance of the plant. Van Beek has designed the bag compactor so that the empty bags can be handled as cheaply, efficiently and in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. The operation of the bag compactor is as effective as it is efficient. The empty bags fall down a short chute onto a short screw in a pipe. The screw pushes the bags through the pipe. The pressure of the screw compresses the bags by about two thirds. An endless bag is clamped round the end of the pipe, into which the screw pushes the finely compressed bags. Safe The endless bag sits in a protective cage. ”This is to prevent people putting their hands in the screw”, explains Roel Kneepkens, sales engineer at Van Beek. Once the bag is full, the operator opens the protective cage.
20.01.2016  |  8447x  | 
Optimum hygiene for screw conveyance By patented ‘SpeedClean’ concept
Optimum hygiene for screw conveyance
By patented ‘SpeedClean’ concept Van Beek from the Netherlands has designed and patented an innovative screw cleaning method under the name ‘SpeedClean’; a concept that drastically speeds up and improves the cleaning of screw conveyor systems and makes them ergonomic. Hygiene standards for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and meat and food processing industry are continually being tightened up. The cleaning of machines is a priority in these sectors to meet all the stringent hygiene and aseptic requirements. Producers are continually and carefully striving for higher speed cleaning to save costs and claims. The ‘SpeedClean’ is simple but revolutionary because in one vertical movement the screw, including bearings and seals, lifts into the cleaning position. Distinction with ‘Innovator’ Award Manufacturers normally clean machines under high pressure or with steam in combination with cleaning products and disinfectants. A commonly used technique for saving costs in the process industry is
13.10.2014  |  9430x  |   | 

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