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Latest update: 10.03.2020
TEL: +49 (0) 6103 7598 660
FAX: +49 (0) 6103 7598 670
Brady-Straße 1
63329   Egelsbach
+49 (0) 6103 7598 660
Customer Service
0302 215 3184
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Company brochure
Brady Corporation is an international manufacturer and marketer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, products and places.
Brady’s products help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance and include high-performance labels, signs, safety devices, printing systems and software. Founded in 1914, the company has a diverse customer base in electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, electrical, construction, medical, aerospace and a variety of other industries.

Brady Products: Labels, Printers and Safety Identification

Brady identifies and protects products, people, and premises with high performance labels, industrial label printers, software, safety & facility identification, spill control, Lockout Tagout solutions and more. Brady helps you create and maintain safer work environments and comply with regulatory standards. Our high-performance materials clearly identify products, components and other assets, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Labels, Sleeves, Tags
  • Printers, Print&Apply Systems, Scanners
  • Safety Signs, Area and Logistics Marking
  • Lockout/Tagout, Visual Tagging
  • Pipe Markers and Valve Identification
  • * Spill Control Products
Products, Services
Products, services
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Products, services
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Product news

Visual tagging solutions for environmental monitoring Kier and Brady are working on a complete suite of environmental monitoring tags to ensure that risk areas are adequately managed.
Visual tagging solutions for environmental monitoring
Kier and Brady are working on a complete suite of environmental monitoring tags to ensure that risk areas are adequately managed. Challenges Prior to the Enviro-tag being used, records of environmental monitoring were kept in SHE files within the site office at every construction site. Such documents were often reviewed during inspections and audits but did not sufficiently address monitoring of key environmental risk areas out on site. Moreover, these documents did not provide evidence that monitoring had been undertaken in-situ next to the risk area. Solutions Working together with Kier, a custom Enviro-tag suite was developed. Enviro-tags include a holder that can easily be fastened to near-by fences or posts, and replaceable inserts that can log inspections; frequency dependent on risk level. The Oil & Fuel Tanks Tag is usually fastened to fencing which surrounds the oil & fuel tank in a construction compound. The tag enables viewers to identify specific tanks, contact an appointed person or access the company’s internal procedure through a QR code. On the tag’s rear, up to 15 inspection
28.10.2020  |  243x  | 
Easily draw straight lines of floor tape
Easily draw straight lines of floor tape
Easily draw straight lines of reliable floor tapes with the ToughStripe Floor Tape Applicator to increase safety and efficiency in your facilities. With just one tool, you can create heavy traffic forklift lanes, traffic lanes for pallet trucks and safe walking areas for coworkers on foot in your facilities. The ToughStripe Floor Tape Applicator works with Brady`s complete good, better, best floor marking tape offer. •applies thin and temporary up to thick, heavy duty floor tapes •ergonomic and lightweight for comfortable use •winds spent floor tape liner on an extra core •easy to store in tight spaces
06.08.2020  |  613x  | 
Easily monitor temperatures with RFID Temperature Labels
Easily monitor temperatures
with RFID Temperature Labels RFID Temperature Labels enable wireless temperature reading and monitoring for a wide range of devices, equipment, machines, racks, cables and structures. The flexible, temperature sensing smart labels can be applied to almost any surface to support informed proactive decision making. Specifications * Easily monitor temperatures: low cost temperature monitoring with passive, ISO 18000-6C and ISO14443 NFC interface, and ETSI compliant bandwidth RFID smart labels that do not require energy or maintenance. Labels are energised when needed by HF or UHF compliant readers. * Applicable to all surfaces: available in a wide range of thin and flexible industrial grade label materials with a variety of adhesives to stay attached to smooth, rough, or powdered surfaces, and to flat or curved surfaces. * Complete solution: includes RFID labels, label printer, label design software, RFID reader with hard- and software support. Potential applications include environmental monitoring,
02.07.2020  |  875x  | 
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