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Type: Virtual Talk
Duration: A morning
Date: 27.04.2021
Place: Online

Entry: Free (after registering)

Creating dust-free granules by drying and granulating liquids in just one process step

Virtual Talk

Glatt fluidized bed spray granulation will be part of POWTECH Nuernberg Virtual Talks “Processing fragile bulk materials”. Register now and join the talk by Didier Schons about “Creating dust-free granules by drying and granulating liquids in just one process step”.

Powders and liquids can be granulated, coated, encapsulated, dried and functionalized by fluidized bed and spouted bed technology in only one step. Learn more about intelligent particle design to generate and functionalize powders and granules with adjustable properties.
Product properties such as freedom from dust, particle size and particle size distribution, porous or compact structure, particle density, bulk density, homogeneity, hygroscopicity, surface quality, abrasion resistance, solubility, shelf life, dosing, flowability, flow behaviour, optical attractiveness, taste or smell, release behaviour/depotting effect and others can be specifically influenced in this way.

Get more information and find out about the possibilities for applications for finals products and ingredients or supplements. Leran about the advantages of granules compared to powders whether as for sweeteners, salts, texturizing agents, yeast, minerals, trace elements, lactose, starch, polymers, phosphonates, stabilizers, proteins, plant extracts, instant products such as tea, cocoa, coffee, spice mixtures, soups, fertilizers, pesticides, technical salts, detergent components, cleaning agents, and so many others. Encapsulation of flavors, enzymes, vitamins, microorganisms, probiotics or fatty acids (PUFA) is just as possible as encapsulation of essential oils and other active, sensitive and volatile substances to be protected.

Lecture and discussion in English.

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This workshop on fluidized bed technology is a perfect combination of theory, hands-on training and demonstrations. The workshop provides the basics of drying, granulating, coating and pelletizing and outlines their applications in the powder processing industry. This workshop is the perfect investment for those who wish to acquire knowledge of fluidized bed technology. *H2*Lessons*/H2* (1) Granulation, Agglomeration, Pelletization Basic principles and applications; The presentation provides an overview on fundamental differences between various product structures, like granules, agglomerates and pellets, as well as on their application in regards to their properties. Additionally, an insight into the general set-up of typical process equipment is given. The presentation is completed by an overview of the particulate systems produced in industrial scale fluidized bed processes. (2) Process development and industrial scale-up For spray granulation applications; Technical concepts for larger scale fluidized bed spray granulation plants will be explained with special focus on practical scale-up, equipment design principles with regard to apparatus geometry and compartmentation, choice of parameters & plant configurations. Both the core technology fluidized bed as well as the main upstream and downstream equipment will be considered. (3) Simulation of fluidized bed processes Heat and mass transfer - Short-cut methods - Microscale models. Various numerical methods will be summarized and explained. From fast and easy to use shortcut-methods to numeric modelling on the microscale. *H2*Hands-on part */H2* Hands-on part 1 * Equipment used, process setup & configuration, change of process inserts from fluid bed to spouted bed technology * Case study, processing options fluidized bed & ProCell, handling, operation, etc… * See all this equipment at work in various scales. Hands-on part 2 * Continuous operation, parameter variations and influence on material characteristics, process shutdown, trouble shooting. * Spraying, dosing of ingredients, continuous discharge, parameters vs. properties, what happens if…? Workshop language is English.
29.04.2021 | Workshop | 1 day | Online | Entry: paid

Event organizer

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH
Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH
Glatt is specialized in intelligent particle design for the generation and functionalization of powders and granulates with defined, adjustable properties. The focus is on particles and powders for pigments, catalytic, ceramic or battery materials as well as for granules and pellets as additives for e.g. industrial salts, detergents and cleaning agents, fertilizers, pesticides, food, feed, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. Encapsulation of flavors, enzymes, vitamins, microorganisms, probiotics or fatty acids (PUFA) is just as possible as encapsulation of essential oils and other active, sensitive substances to be protected. With Glatt APPtec®, a unique technology for spray calcination, it is possible to generate, coat and then calcine particles in a pulsing hot gas stream in a single process step. As a pioneer in fluid bed and spouted bed technologies, Glatt masters these important processes for the formulation and optimization of particle properties through defined spray agglomeration, spray granulation, spray coating or (micro)encapsulation as well as through combinations of these processes. Also in the high temperature range. Glatt supports the product idea from the early phase of product formulation through process development to scale-up to production scale. Under the leadership of the Glatt Process & Plant Engineering teams, customized production plants for nutrition, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech applications are successfully planned and commissioned. Worldwide. Whether based on powder synthesis, fluid bed or spouted bed technology, Glatt also offers certified contract manufacturing for customers without their own production capacities.
Last update: 11.05.2021

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