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Press release
05.04.2014  |  5427x
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Comprehensive optimization of bulk material handling

Kreyenborg Plant Technology focuses on multiple process competence

Drying processes are standard production steps in many different industries. The fields of application for the Kreyenborg IRD infrared rotating drum dryer are virtually unlimited. In plastics processing, for example, the IRD is used for crystallization and pre-drying of virgin material or regrind. Treatment with dry air, which is extremely high in energy consumption, is completely dispensed with by using infrared drying instead. Therefore this system lends itself primarily to applications with high initial moisture content, such as is normal in recycling processes. Ideal fields of application besides material drying are gentle heating processes. The continuously operating Kreyenborg infrared rotating drum dryer heats the material directly with short-waved infrared light, so that the evaporating moisture is drawn out of the core of the material. The material passes through the machine in a continuous, even flow, is gently rolled around by the rotation of the tube and heated absolutely evenly. This also prevents clumping. The low motor speed counteracts fracturing, abrasion and swirling of the product. Furthermore, the IRD is used very successfully for drying mineral and ceramic materials, as well as quartz sands and bulk materials in the food industry.

Kreyenborg Universal Quick Mixers enable processors to mix and homogenize pourable bulk materials extremely quickly. Excellent blending and homogenization results are vital, for example, in scrap reclaim as well as in processing post-consumer recyclates. Thanks to versatility in the configuration and design of mixing screws, the blending silos are extremely flexible in terms of materials, grades of blend and output. In this way, grinding stocks of varying quality and origin can be fully automatically sorted and homogenized, blended with other plastic materials and additives and subsequently conveyed to the material preparation unit in the required composition. At Schüttgut, Kreyenborg Plant Technology is exhibiting a high-speed blender from its MBM series with 0.25 m³ capacity, which is ideally suited especially for small batches in compounding and masterbatch production, not only because of its size, but also thanks to its quick cleaning attributes.
The company’s comprehensive range of special silos, materials handling technology, blenders, dryers, metering equipment, big bag stations and control technology, offers processors substantial efficiency advantages in complex bulk material handling tasks.

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