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Press release
12.11.2019  |  1672x
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hall expansion Kreyenborg senden
hall expansion Kreyenborg senden

Kreyenborg expanding All the Way Down the Line

Manufacturing capacities and test facility considerably expanded

Kreyenborg gmbH & Co. KG located in Senden, Germany, is keeping abreast of its enormous growth with two new production halls, new machining centres and an extension of its test facility. The Westphalian manufacturer of integral concepts for bulk handling applications for the foodstuff, chemical and plastics industries convinces with innovative solutions and a wide range of services offered.

“We have more than doubled the volume of incoming orders over the past three years,” says managing partner Jan Hendrik Ostgathe, thus explaining the additional 2,200 sqm of production surface at the company site in Senden. The construction of halls 4 and 5 has just been accomplished and the first new, modern machining centres “are moving in”. At the same time, the test facility has been extended substantially. Therefore, the complete range of Kreyenborg products is available to customers who wish to test their applications as of now. This range of products includes all components needed for drying, decontamination, coating, heating-up, crystallizing, storing, discharging, mixing and conveying of bulk densities.

Growth in the plastics sector has been achieved not only thanks to the Infrared Rotary Drum long since developed to become a renowned product, used for pre-heating, crystallizing, drying or coating tasks, but also as a result of the more recent, specifically developed machine components PET-Booster® and IR-CLEAN®. While the PET-Booster® stands out due to its very short drying times of around 10 minutes, the particular feature of the IR-CLEAN® is the high decontamination performance; which is, when using recycling material, good enough to keep the required limit values imposed by EFSA and FDA. As a consequence, both these power units are ideally suited for use with recycling material and are excellent machine components for the full range of tasks calling for sustainability and Circular Economy.

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