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22.02.2021  |  1654x
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Some magnet-related warning and prohibition signs
Some magnet-related warning and prohibition signs

Dangers of Neodymium magnets; magnetic fields and more

Neodymium magnets are very strong, which leads to magnetic and mechanic dangers. These magnets are brittle and easily broken, causing sharp fragments.
Neodymium-iron-borion or Nd-Fe-B magnets, are marketed by Goudsmit under the brand name Neoflux®. These magnets are very strong. Neodymium magnets smaller than one cent are powerful enough to lift over 10 kilograms.

As a result, these magnets are also dangerous, as they can pinch the skin or fingers when suddenly attracted to iron or steel.

Sharp fragments

Neodymium magnets are made with special powders and coatings and are therefore brittle and easily broken. They can easily break at temperatures above 150 ºC or when they slam together. When they break, this occurs so suddenly and violently that flying pieces may cause eye- or other injuries.

Damage to appliances

Neodymium magnets should always be kept far away from electrical appliances, magnetic (bank)cards, old (deep) monitors, pacemakers, watches, etc., because otherwise they can cause permanent damage to these devices.

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