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22.02.2021  |  649x
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Conveyor flow: Transporting the first batch

Bezner recycling installation for waste to energy plant

The new waste sorting plant built by Bezner has a major impact on the energy production, important for the goal of carbon neutral energy production in 2035
Bezner built a recycling installation for the waste to energy plant of Oulun Energia, one of the major energy companies in Finland. The new waste sorting plant has a major impact on the energy production at Oulun Energia, which has a goal to have carbon neutral energy production in 2035. It is a good example of the possibilities of the circular economy.

Commercial, construction, demoliation and industrial waste
At Oulun Energia the recycling installation sorts different types of waste: commercial and industrial waste, construction and demolition waste. Materials are separated from waste flows and used as follows:
  • for the energy supply (plastic with the exception of PVC, paper and wood)
  • some separated materials are sold, such as: Stone, Glass, etc. (inert); Ferrous metal; Steel and iron; Non-Ferrous metal; E.g. copper, aluminum, zinc, brass lead; and PVC

Everything is done by the machines, no human work required.

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