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Vibratory sieves
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Sieving, sieves

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SIFTOMAT Plansifter The plansifter for universal use
SIFTOMAT Plansifter
The plansifter for universal use The SIFTOMAT type plansifter was designed in the 1950s by the founder of the predecessor company of FUCHS Maschinen AG. Even though the sifter can be universally used, no compromises whatsoever have been made in terms of development. Based on an impressively simple design, which has proven to perform very well, no changes were made to the basic concept. During the whole time, only adjustments optimizing details were made such as the sealing between the cover and the sieve case under the sieves, a simplification and improvement of the sieve case holder, the adjustment of the belt guard to cope with the new safety requirements, etc. Special versions for various application fields with stainless steel bases, glass pearl blasted or with ground finish, with stainless steel motors for applications in the pharmaceutical or food industry have been developed. Application fields:Used in all industrial sectors, where bulk material has to be processed. It is especially
28.04.2015  |  12783x  |  Wiki item  | 
Screening, Dosing, Filling Precisely Fitting System for Production in Cramped Conditions
Screening, Dosing, Filling
Precisely Fitting System for Production in Cramped Conditions When it comes to procuring new machines and plant, cramped space conditions at the installation location can quickly become a problem. And this is by no means just the case when an additional component is to be incorporated into an existing process. Space is also often scarce in new production halls planned from scratch. If, on top of this, many different production and process steps have to be represented and seamlessly linked to each other, plant planners quickly come up against their limits with standardized components. This challenge was also faced by a producer from the chemical industry, who was looking for a suitable system unit for the production hall they were planning. The task: Different chemical products were to be freed from coarse particles at the end of the manufacturing process and then placed in dosed amounts in big bags. Process Section no. 1: The Removal of Coarse Particles In this special use case the vibration screening machine is to be installed,
12.06.2020  |  1135x  |  Wiki item  | 
Why you shouldn`t do without protective screening
Why you shouldn`t do without protective screening
Protective screening is probably one of the most common screening procedures in industrial manufacturing processes. You will learn why you shouldn’t do without protective screening, and what makes a good protective screen using the example of the reworked Engelsmann screening machine JEL Fix II. Why protective screening? Protective screens are used to eliminate disruptive foreign objects and impurities from bulk goods. These foreign objects can be plastic residues, for example, or metal parts such as screws which end up in the product by accident and can cause contamination. Lost knives for cutting bagged goods or protective gloves have also been found in products. To ensure a consistently high quality in the end product, these foreign objects must be separated before the product is put into its sales packaging. If this doesn’t happen, the worst-case scenario for the manufacturer is product recalls and a damaged public image. Contamination doesn’t just risk severe
15.07.2020  |  1075x  |  Wiki item  | 
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Press release

THE PROCESS GOT TO BE RIGHT Particle Analysis: Sample preparation, measuring, weighing, analyzing
Particle Analysis: Sample preparation, measuring, weighing, analyzing Whether using traditional or photo-optical particle analysis – the process for measuring bulk materials should be as simple and yet accurate as possible. At this year’s Powtech in Nuremberg, HAVER & BOECKER presents everything about process optimization in particle analysis. Sample preparation, measuring, weighing, analyzing are simply an integral part of particle analysis. This applies, both, to the classic screen analysis with sieve set and test sieve shaker as well as computer-assisted particle analysis of size and shape of dry, non-agglomerating bulk materials particles. The HAVER particle analysis offers its customers a process chain all of a piece. Generating reproducible sieving results is important with classic sieve analysis. Thanks to the automatic sieve identification and data acquisition from the balance, the analyses are evaluated quickly and reliably with the HAVER CSA software. With photo-optical particle measuring devices, the HAVER CPA 2-1 can
11.09.2017  |  3663x  |  Press release  | 
New Air jet sieve e200 LS Control, regulation and evaluation integrated into one single unit for the first time
New Air jet sieve e200 LS
Control, regulation and evaluation integrated into one single unit for the first time With the new air jet sieve e200 LS, Hosokawa Alpine has entered a new era in particle size analysis. An integrated minicomputer regulates, monitors and controls the entire sieving process. This brings time savings brought about by optimisation of the sieving times and reduced effort with periphery units as well as higher quality through automatic controls and default settings. Operation is easy and intuitive with the touch screen. The ergonomic design is functional and elegant at the same time. Hosokawa Alpine, the market leader on the sector of air jet sieves for over 50 years, has yet again set a benchmark in functionality and quality. Alpine air jet sieve The Alpine air jet sieve is worldwide the accredited and most-used standard analysis device for particle size analyses and particle quality control by means of dry sieving, for production monitoring and quality assurance as defined in ISO 9001. The only thing that moves the material being analysed is the air
14.11.2012  |  2450x  |  Press release  | 
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Product news

Hygienic Screening Update JEL Fix becomes JEL Fix II
Hygienic Screening Update
JEL Fix becomes JEL Fix II The JEL Fix round screen is now available in a new variant which is not only more hygienic, but also convinces with better usability. The popular JEL Fix round screen is predominantly used as a protective screen for the separation of coarse fractions. Thanks to its slim and compact design, the new vibration screening machine easily finds space even in cramped production halls and can be integrated directly into a system without the base frame if required. In order to meet the growing demand for high-quality and hygienic screening solutions, Engelsmann now offers the new JEL Fix II, which convinces with easier cleaning and complies with the usual hygienic design criteria. Avoiding surfaces where product may accumulate and dead spaces, as well as easy accessibility of all parts for cleaning purposes, was the top priority in the redesign of the screening machine. In order to meet this requirement, the oscillating frame of the JEL Fix II is made entirely from stainless
13.01.2020  |  1593x  |  Product news  | 
MSizer giant - the world’s most powerful sizer
MSizer giant - the world’s most powerful sizer
Following the successful launch of the MSizer extend in 2017, Allgaier Process Technology/Mogensen GmbH & Co. KG has expanded its MSizer portfolio and presented the new MSizer giant at Bauma 2019 in Munich. The new MSizer giant is the most powerful and flexible long-deck classifier machine based on the Sizer principle. With a throughput of over 80 t/h, e.g. when screening granulated sugar, the MSizer giant becomes the largest sizer in the world. So the machine offers an average throughput increase of up to 35 % compared to the MSizer extend. Similar to the MSizer extend, the screen coverings are set into defined linear movement by 2 vibration motors or exciters. The MSizer giant is built exclusively with 3 m working width and with a screen deck length of 3.35 m; optionally with 2 to 6 screen decks. Thus, the MSizer giant is suitable for all applications that require extra volume, such as sugar or building materials. This makes it possible to reduce the number of
01.03.2019  |  3902x  |  Product news  | 
FRITSCH Sieve Shakers: Everything you need for sieving! Convenient – Precise - Reliable!
FRITSCH Sieve Shakers: Everything you need for sieving!
Convenient – Precise - Reliable! The FRITSCH sieve range is the focused answer to all typical sieving tasks in the laboratory: three well-conceived instruments for every application, with FRITSCH concepts that make the work simpler and faster – easy to operate, reliable and long-lasting. FRITSCH Sieve Shakers are ideal for - Dry, wet and micro-precision sieving - Measuring the quantitative particle size distribution of solids and suspensions - Separating and fractioning - Simple, ergonomic operation - Fast, reproducible results - Sample quantities between 0.05 g and 15 kg - Sieve diameter from 100 mm to 450 mm, mesh widths from 5 μm – 125 mm - Can be used as testing equipment in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 - Automatic sieve evaluation with the FRITSCH software AUTOSIEVE Vibratory Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 3 PRO – precise sieving with amplitude control The high performance Vibratory Sieve Shaker ANALYSETTE 3 PRO offers everything you need for fast determination of quantitative
11.10.2016  |  9664x  |  Product news  | 
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